Complex simplicity.

A term that will raise a question for many people. Visual artist Peter van Es not only wants his work to be what it is, but also for it to raise questions.

The title of a work is not only a description of the work but is also a clou to awake the question. One that deepens or can disclose a new perspective of the reality, so that looking becomes seeing and observing change into experiencing and feeling.

The artist makes use of different styles, techniques and materials. He develops and creates these constantly to rise above the contemporary modern art, without looking down on it. Spontaneous events and intuition are an important part of the art from artist Peter van Es. 

Art that excels the visible!


From 1966 till present

From the first conscious moment, an untamable desire,

to reflect on what's not seen or heard,

an early attempt of expression

rough suppressed, cast out, unaware or imposed,

did time pressure untenable rise, and let it irreversible splashed apart,

in a multitude of color and form.

Call it destiny, path of life, or what word is able to describe.

It was inevitable….

Art on the spot

What once happened and was trusted to paper,

after centuries skillful reproduced,

in rhythm and tone.

Again performed, by pairs of capable hands, eyes and ears,

and visual formed...

a imprint, of once and now.


Concert Haydn, Die letzte sieben Worte unseres Erlösers am Kreuze

Performed by the  clarinet quartet Kurios.

Haydn, Seven last words.. concert 2015

If you are interested in art on the spot for a concert or an event please contact us.

The art of...

Where words and tone do not continue..

may image in two or more dimensions...

possible come any closer

say something in stillness, or heal perhaps

or.., just be aesthetic.